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Tasha Thompson

Black Girls Do Run UK was founded in March 2019 by Tasha Thompson.

Tasha has been running and taking part in races of varying distances for 22 years and had always noticed a lack of black women at the start line and decided to do something about it.  It started with an Instagram page and it’s mission then was to increase imagery of regular (not elite) black women running and to meet up at races.

Since those early days it has grown into so much more and our aim now is to encourage more black women to run to enable them to lead healthier, happier active lives to benefit their physical and mental health and for it to have a ripple effect through to their friends and family.

Black Girls Do Run UK prides itself in inspiring more and more women of colour to run and one of our absolute favourite things to hear is ‘You inspired me to run’ we are more than just a running crew, we are a family.

Black Girls Do Run UK was named one of the Red Bull top 15 running collectives in 2020, has been featured in Runners World, Womens Health and on BBC London.

As well as working tirelessly to encourage more black women to lace up and run Tasha is a mother of two, a running mayor, Sundried, Runderwear, Bookhounds and Ealing Half Marathon ambassador.