25–26 Jan 2025 221 days to go! #RunShow

Tasha Thompson

Hey Tasha here, I have been running and participating in running events since 1999.  I live in London, UK, and have two children and am the founder of Black Girls Do Run UK.   I am also LiRf qualified, a runsome running mayor, been on many panel discussions about running, community and diversity and have been involved with the London Marathon inclusion advisory group.

In 2019 to celebrate 20 years of running and I decided to give back to the sport I love to play and that has given me so much and created Black Girls Do Run UK; a community which became a charity in October 2023 to inspire, encourage and motivate regular black women to run.   The group was founded based on my experiences throughout my years of running and noticing that there was a lack of diversity in races and running in general, so I decided to try and do something about it.  The initial aim of the group was to increase visibility of regular black women running and to meet up at races and it has grown into an amazing community and I am incredibly proud of it.

I am a huge advocate of running and believe that with the right encouragement anyone can run and call themselves a runner.  I am especially passionate about running at our own happy pace, enjoying the process, celebrating achievements, creating bucket lists, cycling and finding creative ways to fit movement into our busy lives.

My running goals are to continue to nurture Black Girls Do Run UK, and to continue my adventure with running by exploring new events and distances.