Through analysis and simple effective drills Go Run Right can make you the runner you need to be to achieve your goals of effortless, pain free, enjoyable running.

Better running shoes or better bio-mechanic?

Go Run Right wants you to move from where you are now to an upgraded better runner.

After years of working with runner of all abilities we wanted to provide a simple effective feedback and technology that would help undo potentially harmful and bad habits and allow you to build good running habits and technique.

Join Go Run Right at the National Running Show and get moving.

The team will be running 2 different sessions throughout the show, book in for the “Strong Runner Workout” or the “Agile Runner”. You’ll just need to bring active wear and trainers for these sessions.

The Strong Runner Workout

Join Vince and Nick from Go Run Right for an intense strength session to get your running muscles pumped and ready for race season. This session is designed to work you hard and get you muscles pumping, additionally as with everything at Go Run Right, the team will impart the key wisdom behind the movements and how it will help you become a better runner. Hard work and wisdom infused to let you walk away sweating and thinking!

Agile Runner

Range of movement and mobility is a fundamental pillar of good running. Join the Go Run Right team for a fun movement and agility session. This will be focused on improving the key movement patterns that you need to develop in order to take your run to the next level. Us runners are notoriously bad and working on our flexibility, don’t shy away, take this opportunity to focus, develop and banish those niggles for good!

Come and find Go Run Right at The Run Clinic for help with improving your running!

Our Awards

We are thrilled to have received the following awards and nominations:

Best Consumer Show Launch WINNER

AEO Awards, 2018

Best Launch WINNER

EN Indy Awards, 2018

Best Show Director WINNER

EN Indy Awards, 2018

Best Feature Area (Finalist)

EN Indy Awards, 2018

Show Rising Star (Finalist)

EN Awards, 2018