25–26 Jan 2025 327 days to go! #RunShow

My first 11 minute mile

So, either this is a complete fluke or I am actually getting better at this! This morning I went for a run whilst we were on a mini vacation in Wales, I am going to confess that this was mostly guilt driven having demolished a lot of food the day before!

I got Google Maps out and decided to run to the beach. Not being entirely sure exactly how far this was and definitely not knowing how to get there, I got going. I ended up with the lucky fortune of light rain, if you have never run in the rain before I can highly recommend it! It made the whole run much less heated (my body temperature gets hot quick). Next time it is raining people get your trainers on and try it out!

A lot of hills, buckets of sweat and roughly 4.6 miles later I arrive at my location and call my husband to come and collect me. The conversation goes like this:

“Hey hun, you here?”

“What?! No! I haven’t even got out of bed yet! I thought you were going to be ages!”

“Oh right, OK.”

“Damn girl, you did that quick, you only left 50 mins ago.”

“Ooooooo really!? Awesome, hang on I will check how long it took me ……………… I just did an 11 minute mile!!!!!!!”

*Cue me dancing like a nutter as strangers walk past*

I don’t think I have ever been so chuffed with myself, especially given that until last month I was still not running from my Christmas cold! Maybe this perseverance thing is working!