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Raccoon Media Group adds financial wellbeing

Raccoon Media Group has agreed a multi-show partnership with LifeTidy, the life planner for money management, to help visitors to its shows manage their physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

The 5 year deal will see the two organisations work hand-in-hand to promote  financial wellbeing and comprehensive life organisation, across all its shows, kicking off with The National Running Show at the NEC, Birmingham on 21-22nd January 2023. With over 20,000 people expected to attend, the show will provide a platform for LifeTidy to introduce and inform visitors about the benefits of having an organised system for managing finances and all of life’s admin to promote control and encourage getting back power in understanding  one’s financial affairs which  ultimately impacts overall mental health.

The average person will spend 3 hours and 5 minutes a week just thinking about life admin, and a total of 5 years and 5 months of their lives actually doing it. Most people have a lifetime’s worth of essential paperwork, including everything from financial information to medical records, which are often un-filed, packed in drawers or buried in their email. When it comes around to needing it, it’s impossible to know where to begin.

LifeTidy helps you create order out of chaos and remove the stress from sorting everyday life admin. The encrypted platform securely stores, monitors, and tracks all your important information through an easy-to-use interface. It has handy features such as renewal reminders, simple scan and upload functions and open banking integration. This allows you to connect all your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages and pensions integrating them into the money wheel, giving you a holistic view of your current financial position.

Mark Hamilford from LifeTidy commented: “With mental wellbeing at the forefront of the factors for which we created this app, we are so excited to partner with Raccoon Media Group and bring awareness to the main stressors of life which is the chaos of life admin management. Giving comprehensive oversight of financial situations among individuals, couples and families is just where we begin. We aim to be there to make your life easier during any time, from monumental moments to everyday stressors, we want to be there for you and give you back your time to enjoy doing what you love most. ”

Mike Seaman, CEO at Raccoon Media Group commented: “Our shows have a strong focus on physical wellbeing but over the last few years, mental wellbeing has become equally important. One area that many of us seem to draw stress from is the ability to keep on top of all the financial and ‘life admin’ that we need to manage and now more than ever, having a real view of our finances is imperative. We are delighted to be working alongside LifeTidy to bring education and solutions to our shows and hope this will be a valuable addition for our visitors.”

To find out more about Raccoon Media Group visit www.racoonmediagroup.com, to find out more about LifeTidy visit lifetidy.com