All About Balance is the UK distributor of Barefoot Science insoles a unique foot strengthening system that activates;

  • progressive proprioceptive stimulation to improve balance, and
  • our stretch reflex…the body’s injury avoidance system.

Every stride is a one-legged balancing act, as your foot strikes the ground 200,000 proprioceptive nerves in each foot send information to the brain to activate muscles ensuring you achieve optimal performance and minimise injury risk.

The Glutes and hamstrings are the powerhouse for runners;

  • Studies using sEMG pre and post Barefoot Science show muscle firing increases of up to 300%!
  • Force plate and gait assessments show improvements in balance of +30% after 300 steps
  • Gait assessments show more even left/right side symmetry of movement.

Better symmetry in Contact time is hugely relevant to runners, in fact recent studies demonstrate it is the most important indicator of improved running efficiency and performance, and significantly reduces risk of injury!

Events attending

South 2021
11th - 12th September 2021
Stand: D50
Birmingham 2022
22nd - 23rd January 2022
Stand: K45