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TOETOE is the pioneer of toe separated socks since 1999. We are passionate about creating functional and innovative socks which will enhance the performance of the athletes. Comfortable, protective and anatomically designed TOETOE® socks with efficiently working foot structure will help increase awareness and the chance of winning.

The benefits of TOETOE® socks
The human foot has evolved with separated toes to achieve optimum balance, dexterity, flexibility and functional performance. TOETOE® socks encourage better foot function, improved circulation and temperature control. Wearing them is as comfortable as going barefoot. and they provide the following benefits;

Better Balance with Enhanced Awareness
Improved Circulation with More Movement
Maintain Foot & Toe Shape with Constant Exercise
Hygienic Feet by Reducing the Factors of Bacterial Growth
Eliminate Blisters as Toes do not Rub together
Optimum Temperature as the Heat Comes From Inside
More Movement in Foot as the Separation Brings Freedom