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Zone3 are on a mission to redefine athletic performance.

Since 2007 the British brand has been committed to innovating, developing and releasing some of the world’s finest and highest rated performance wear in the triathlon industry; collecting accolades such as 220 Triathlon Magazines’ first and only 10/10 review, on the way.

Zone3 continues to drive the industry forward, relentlessly innovating and challenging the status quo through their unwavering commitment to creating the world’s finest endurance sportswear. With a wealth of industry knowledge and an equally dedicated team, 2019 sees Zone3 launch an exciting new range of medical grade compression wear called RX3.

The RX3 compression range has been specifically engineered to support muscular recovery and athletic output during endurance exercise and is increasingly important for athletes looking to achieve greatness in their field.

Visit the Zone3 store to find out more about the RX3 compression range and how it can help you #ReachNewLimits this year.