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Recycling Centre

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Collection4Clothes are an ethical recycling clothes company whose main goal is to reduce clothing waste from going to landfill. We have partnered with prestigious charities and collect clothing donations on their behalf in a bid to help tackle waste and do our bit to help the environment generating much-needed funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. We also take non-clothing items in the West Midlands.
The growing industry of ‘fast fashion’ over the last few years has accelerated clothing waste, making clothes more disposable than ever, with perfectly wearable clothing being thrown away. At Collection4Clothes, we promote the use of recycling and handing down clothing that people no longer need.

With our door-to-door collections, we provide households up and down the country with a donation bag to fill with clothing. These collection bags include the day when our allocated driver will collect the bags. On collection day, supporters of the charity will leave their donations outside in full view of the road, where our driver collects the donations.

Outside of the door-to-door collections, we offer house clearances, bulk collections for businesses & schools. Collection4Clothes have 40 Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity recycle units located around the West Midlands, where members of public can donate clothing at their own leisure.

Collection4Clothes are operational on a national scale, with over 70 vans and teams helping to collect these donations in hundreds of postcodes, spanning from Aberdeen to the southern coast. We are constantly looking to expand our territory and find more innovative ways to generate extra donations and support our partnered charities through difficult times where they need all the extra support they can get.