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Abby Davies

Adam Tango Holland

Alex Staniforth

Alison Evans

Allie Bailey

Amanda Freemantle

Amy Gomer

Andrea Wolstenholme

Andrew Pye

Andy Morgan

Ania Gabb

Anthony Turner a.k.a Running Dads

Antony Webb

Ashley Lloyd

Austin Sheppard

Bernice Kent

Carla Knighton

Cat Roberts

Catherine Le Chevalier

Catherine Searcy

Caz Dolby

Chris Beale

Chris Collins

Chris Ford

Chris McKeown

Chris Mullan

Chris Nicholson

Chris Toddington

Chrissie Stephenson

Christopher Allen

Craig McElroy

Dan Keeley

Dan Lawson

Danielle Page

Danny Bent

David Scott

Debbie Watts

Dee Holden

Dermot Kavanagh

Dominique Roberts

Doug Richards

Dougie Brewer

Edd Wright

Edward Chapman

Elizabeth Ayres

Elle Hill

Ellie Finey

Emma Brockwell

Emma Joy

Eric Keeler

Gareth Armstrong

Graham McKenna

Hannah Luffman

Harj Dehal

Hasan Hassan

Hayley Payn (aka Mums That Can)

Ira Rainey

Izzy Harvey

Jack Dixon

Jacquie Trott

Jake Taplin

James Dunn

Jamie Ramsay

Jarnail Singh

Jason Walker

Jenny Kozyra

Jess Lain

Jigs Chauhan

Jo Page

Joel Benton

Joel Smith

Jordan Foster

Jude Palmer

Jules Scudder

Karen sale

Karla Gregory

Kate Rowe-Ham

Katie Wright

Keri Wallace

Kerry Roberts

Laura Blackwell

Laura Briggs

Laura Goodbourn

Leanne Shrive

Lee Davitt

Lee Kemp

Leigh Brown

Lewis Keywood

Leyla Brooke

Lou Brewer

Louise Johnstone

Luke Williams a.k.a Taff

Lynne Chitty

Marie Collinson

Mark Atkinson

Mark Burrows (The Running Community)

Mark Watts

Mary Pearson

Matt Banthorpe

Matthew Melling

Melanie Sturman

Michelle Louise Castro

Michelle Parkes

Miranda Markham

Mollie Laurens-Chalmers

Neil Jones

Nick Browning

Nicky Chrascina

Nicky Thomas

Oliver Cannon

Ollie Goulden

Pam Chapman

Paul Addicott

Paul Willis

Pete Clark

Peter Dowsing

Philip Jefferies

Phillip Ashby

Raccoon Runner

Rebel Gilbert

Richard Barr

Richard Bazeley

Rob Beazley

Rob Shenton

Robert Walters

Ruth McKean

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys

Sam Crowter

Sarah Hart

Sarah Urquhart

Shakil Miah

Sharif Owadally

Sheila Rose

Shelby Williams

Shelley Hall (Apparently We Run)

Simon Caddy

Stacey Marston

Steve Jones

Steven Farrugia

Stu Gee

Tamie Slade

Tazneem Anwar

Tim Caldwell

Tina Page

Tony James

Trina Dawkins

Vic Izzy Owens

Vicki Taylor

Zeph Brand

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AEO Awards, 2020
Best Consumer Show

AEO Awards, 2020
Innovation Award

AEO Awards, 2018
Best Consumer Show Launch

EN Indy Awards, 2018
Best Launch

EN Indy Awards, 2018
Best Show Director

EN Indy Awards, 2019
Best Show Feature

EN Indy Awards, 2019
Best Consumer Show

EN Indy Awards, 2018
Best Feature Area

EN Awards, 2018
Show Rising Star

AEO Awards, 2019
Marketing Campaign of the Year - Consumer

AEO Awards, 2019
Best Consumer Show

EN Indy Awards, 2019
Best Show Director

EN Awards, 2019
Show Rising Star